Five great hikes you should walk in 2021

Yes, 2020 was a strange year. We all were not able to travel to anywhere. Maybe, we also did not achieve our initial plans. I suddenly had to rearrange my whole year. So, I decided to use my time well and exploring Hong Kong. Today I am posting five great hikes I did in the past 12 months. For sure, there are even better ones out there. If you have a recommendation for me, please let me know. But these are the five, I remember immediately.

Anyway, finally, now we arrived in 2021, more videos and blog posts are coming soon. I am working already several short videos of other hikes. Stay tuned! ☺️

Ma On Shan to Sai Kung: Climbing to Pyramid Hill

On this hike, you will start in Ma On Shan, and after 4 hours you will reach Sai Kung. In between, there is a great view and an exceptional peak: the Pyramid Hill. You can read the full blogpost here.

My favourite on Lantau Island: Lo Fu Tau (Tiger Head)

This hike lasted quite a very long time in my memory. We had perfect weather and therefore, great visibility and perfect views. Start in Discovery Bay, climb Tiger Head and then follow the trail to Mui Wo! Read the full story here.

Most special island of the year: Green Egg Island

I remember: It was incredibly hot and I drank about four litres of water that day in August. We wandered off in Tau Au Mun, and hiked through Clear Water Country Park with practically no shades. The small, tiny island is well worth the walk though. You can find more pictures in my blogpost.

Favourite waterfall hike: Ng Tung Chai Waterfall Hike

From Hong Kong Island, this trail is quite far away. Yes, I know that. You start more or less in Yuen Long. But, the Ng Tung Chai Waterfall hike offers several waterfalls. Some of them are quite impressive. Watch more pictures of the waterfalls here.

Exploring HK Island: Sir Cecil’s Ride, Jardine’s Lookout to Repulse Bay Beach

Actually, I didn’t plan to walk to Repulse Bay at all. I have decided to it during the hike. But it was worth it. It is not an actual trail, and I put the route together myself. There are a lot of different trails available in this area. Here is my version – the full description you can find here.

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