Hike to Pyramid Hill (Ngong Ping) and Ma On Shan

October 26, it another beautiful hiking day in Hong Kong. We started at Ma On Shan BBQ Site, and headed up the Ngong Ping Shan, visited the grassland, climbed up Pyramid Hill, and walked over to Ma On Shan before we finally hiked down to Sai Kung.

Starting Point & Trail Route

To start your hike, go to the Ma On Shan MTR station first. From there you can take the village bus NR84, from On Luk Street by Ma On Shan MTR. Get off at Ma On Shan BBQ site. On weekends, there is a long queue for the bus. You can also take a Taxi.

One of my favourite views from the Pyramid Hill
One of my favourite views from the Pyramid Hill
  1. Start from Ma On Shan Barbecue site, follow the road ahead, Ma On Shan Tsuen Road. After maybe 15 minutes, you will enter the offroad trail.
  2. Hike up to the junction by the pavilion, walk straight and follow the MacLehose Trail toward the direction of Tai Shui Tseng. Heading not far, the Pyramid Hill is just behind you, and you will reach the grasslands of Ngong Ping.
  3. From the grassland, the path to Pyramid Hill is obvious. It turns a bit steep until you reach the top of the Hill. Once you are on the top, the trail turns easier.
Walking down from Pyramid Hill, and up to the next rise.
Walking down from Pyramid Hill, and up to the next rise.

If you like, you could also climb to the Ma On Shan. But we decided not to do it. At the junction just below Ma On Shan, we took the way down to Sai Kung. But of course, there are also other options available. A detailed description of options we detailed pictures you can find over here on WalkOnHill.com.

The view down to Sai Kung.
The view down to Sai Kung.

Duration and Difficulty

The whole hike took us around 4.5 hours, with a short break on the bottom of Ma On Shan. The total length in our case was roughly 11.3 km, with an elevation gain of 574 meters.

The hike was moderately challenging. It’s quite a challenge to climb the steep and rocky paths of the Pyramid Hill. After you reach the top, it gets easier. The rest of the hike is not too steep. Of course, that would change if you climb up to Ma On Shan as well. Otherwise, I would classify the trek with a 7/10.

Walking down to Sai Kung, with a view to Ma On Shan.
Walking down to Sai Kung, with a view towards Ma On Shan.

Update March 18, 2022: Below you can find a new video, made in Spring 2022. We are also on the way to the Pyramid Hill, but this time from the other side, starting MTR Wu Kai Sha.

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