Green Egg Island (Clearwater Bay) Hike

It was a pretty hot afternoon – one reason why we did not quite make it down to Green Egg Island. We started the hike at the Tai Au Mun bus stop, followed the Lung Ha Wan Road to the Clear Water Bay Country Park. The result is captured in this short film.

Starting Point

If you search for Green Egg Island on Google- or Apple-Maps, you will not be successful. On Google, the place is named 綠蛋島 (Chinese, Lǜ dàn dǎo – Google Maps Link), which means the same in Chinese. The island is located at the Clearwater Bay Country Park.

Rock Carving at Lobster Bay
Rock Carving at Lobster Bay

The best way to reach the Green Egg Island

  • We took the KMB Bus No 91 from Diamond Hill and left at the Tai Au Mun Bus Stop. But you can also catch the Green Minibus 103 to Clear Water Bay Country Park from Kwung Tong.
  • At Tai Au Mun, you will see a roundabout. That’s the starting point for your trip. Next, you have two options, described following. If you like to download the map in a bigger size, please click here (jpeg).
Green Egg Island Hiking Routes

Option A – Yellow marked on the map:

We did choose this option.

  • Follow the Lung Ha Wan Road until you reach a horse school. There you can move to Lung Ha Wan Country Trail on the right-hand side.
  • In the video in this blog post, you can view the also some parts of the Rock Carving at Lobster Bay. The way is easy to walk, but until you reach the lobster bay, there will also be quite a lot of cars on the street. You may prefer to choose option B if you return to Tai Au Mun.
  • The path down to the Green Egg Island is not easy to find. It’s just ahead of the highest peak and just beside a group of rocks.

Option B – Red marked on the map:

  • After you arrive at the Tai Au Mun Bus stop follow the Clear Water Bay Road. On the left side, you can enter the trail. You will reach the small path to the island from the other side.
On the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail
On the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail

Going down to the island

The last part is quite tricky. If you want to reach the island, be aware that it’s quite steep. We did follow the trail, which I marked in yellow on the map. But there is also another option, that could be a bit easier (marked blue on picture). However, the trail down to the Green Egg Island is fairly narrow and steep at places. An alternative would be to rent a kayak or a boat. You definitely should wear long trousers and proper shoes with good grip.

Towards the end of the trail, there is a part that has rope assist and essentially needs you to slide down. Be careful. The coast of the island is a pebble beach and it has many sharp-edged stones in the sea. Bring wet-shoes for your own safety. More pictures of the trail you can also find on this website here.

The view to the Green Egg Island
The view to the Green Egg Island

Duration, Difficulty & Distance

We left home too late. If you want to rest on the island, please don’t make the same mistake as we did. Leave early as the whole hike will take you around 4 hours without breaks. And the bus ride is another 1-hour drive (depending on your starting point). The yellow marked route was about 8 km.

Most of the hike is easy. But as mentioned, to reach the island is challenging. Some websites describe the hike with a difficulty of 8/10. Well, that might be true for the last part. The rest is more like a 4/10.

Be aware that you have almost no shadow on the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail. It’s getting hot!

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments of this post. I’m happy to provide more information if needed. 

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