Koh Phi Phi – 36 hours on Phi Phi Island

I hadn’t expected much from my trip to Phi Phi Island, as I’d heard it was too touristic. However, I genuinely enjoyed my time there.

I went on an early bird tour, which was fantastic. We visited Maya Bay, Bamboo Island, and a couple of lagoons and even snorkelled at some incredible spots. I highly recommend an early bird tour to escape the crowds.

Maya Bay early morning. An incredible place.
Maya Bay early morning. An incredible place.

What to Check Before Booking a Tour

Before you book your tour, make sure to consider the following:

  • Will you be travelling by speed boat or a slower one?
  • Are national park fees included in the price?
  • Does the tour include lunch and snorkelling masks?

I visited the viewpoint in the evening, which was also quite impressive. It was busy up there, but the view was absolutely magnificent.

Overall, I highly recommend taking a short trip to Phi Phi Island. One full day might be a tight schedule, so if you have the time, consider staying for 48 hours.

A lagoon nearby the Maya Bay
A lagoon nearby the Maya Bay

Where to eat?

Phi Phi Island boasts hundreds of bars and restaurants to choose from. I dined at Pa-Noi Thai Food, a small local restaurant that served delicious meals. For breakfast, I ate close to my hotel, the PP Insula. A few excellent bakeries are in the area, such as Chez Pa Jay, which I recommend checking out.

Maya Bay early morning. As I took an early bird tour, it was still quiet.
Maya Bay early morning. As I took an early bird tour, it was still quiet.

Where to Stay

As mentioned earlier, I stayed at the PP Insula during my trip. The hotel was pretty basic but provided a quiet and clean environment. It’s essential to note that not all accommodations on Koh Phi Phi are this peaceful. Hotels close to bars or the beach are rather noisy, so keep that in mind when booking your stay.

Arriving at Koh Phi Phi by Ferry
Arriving at Koh Phi Phi by Ferry

Navigating Your Way to the Island

Koh Phi Phi is accessible via numerous ferries from Phuket and Krabi. I personally took a ferry from Phuket (2 hours) and travelled by speed boat to Railay (Krabi) (45 min). It’s worth mentioning that sometimes, finding an immediate ferry can be challenging. To ensure a smooth journey, pre-book your ferry at least one day in advance. I used the online booking website 12Go.asia, which worked perfectly for my trip.

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