Hiking to Gulugod Baboy in Batangas

Mount Gulugod Baboy in Mabini is a wonderful place for nature lovers. I recently explored this beautiful hill at the southern tip of Batangas and shared my experiences in my latest YouTube video.


The 2/9 difficulty level provides just the right amount of challenge, making it suitable even for beginners. The starting point is near the Philpan Dive Resort in Barangay Anilao (Map of the Starting Point).

From there, it takes about an hour to reach the summit – and one hour back to town. Please be aware — the trail is very steep! The first kilometers involve walking on a steep concrete road, so you should wear good trekking shoes or sandals with excellent grip. In total, you should calculate 1 hour to the top and the same amount to walk down.

When the storm begins: A very windy morning in Batangas
When the storm begins: A very windy morning in Batangas.

As I went up, the wind got stronger and almost blew me away. But it was worth it! At the top, I saw a panoramic view of the bays, green hills, and mountains in the south. The crystal blue waters of Batangas stretched out before me, creating a stunning scene. At the same time you have also the option to climb to Mt. Pinagbanderahan, which is just minutes away. Don’t miss it.

The view from Mount Gulugod Baboy
The view from Mount Gulugod Baboy – windy but still not too foggy.
On the top of Mt. Pinagbanderahan
On the top of Mt. Pinagbanderahan, when the weather turned foggy & cloudy.

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