Balabac video trip recap: Is it safe? Is it worth it?

In this last and final episode of my limited series, I will recap the last days in Balabac. Is it worth travelling to the southwesternmost tip of the Philippine archipelago to visit Balabac? How is the trip to Balabac? How busy are the beaches? Is Balabac safe? You will get all the answers in this last video of my series, Journey to Paradise.

You can read about Balabac in my previous blog posts or watch the video vlog here.

About Journey to Paradise

The video is part of my new limited series, where I’ll be unveiling a new episode weekly. This epic journey took me from the buzzing city of Manila, through Puerto Princesa, onto the untouched beauty of Balabac, and back via Puerto Princesa to the breathtaking El Nido.

Flying above a turtle nearby Onok Island
Flying above a turtle nearby Onok Island

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