High Junk Peak – Steep but short & rewarding hike in Hong Kong

It’s a short but steep hike: The way up to the High Junk Peak is maybe steep, but for me, also a lot of fun. Two days before the year-end 2021, I was back on the trail! On this year-end video, I show you how to get to the starting point, and how to get down to Tai Miu and how to reach Po Toi O Chuen.

How to get there

The bus stop Ng Fai Tin is the starting point for High Junk Peak. Depending on where you come from, you may choose a different route. From Hong Kong Island, the easiest way is to reach the starting point is via Tsuen Kwan O.

Or if you’re on Kowloon side, there are other options, which may be faster for you:

  • Take the green minibus number 103 from Kwun Tong to Ng Fai Tin.
  • Or board the bus 91 runs at Diamond Hill to Ng Fai Tin.

Once you arrive at Ng Fai Tin, just cross the street. Then you are already at the starting point of your hike. Now it gets even easier. To get to High Junk Peak, simply follow the trail from the starting point towards. Occasionally, you will see intersections. Most are mountain bike trails. If you take them, they will lead you back to the main trail later again.

How to end the hike

Once you’re down the steep slope from the High Junk Peak, you have two options. You can either go down the short path on the left side to Clear Water Bay Road. From here you can catch a bus back to Kwun Tong, Tsuen Kwan O, or Diamond Hill. You could also end the hike at Po Toi O, a small fishing village in Clearwater Bay. It will take you in total around 3-4 hours. I did choose this second option.

Details about the hike

Hike Distance: I started at Ng Fai Tin, climbed to the High Junk Peak and also walked all straight to Tin Ha Shan, Tai Miu Au and Po Toi O Chuen. The total distance was 9.23 km.

Hike Duration: The total moving time was 2 hours and 25 minutes. However, I took videos, had lunch, and rested on the top. The whole adventure took me 3 hours 35 minutes.

Elevation: the total elevation gain was 499 m, the maximum height 345 m, ref. to my Apple Watch. You can see a profile of the hike below.

Hike Difficulty: I would give the hike a difficulty of 5/10. Some parts of the hike are steep. But it’s never dangerous. Mostly you will hike on a proper hiking trail. Just the last meters before High Junk Peak (on both sides) you may use your hands to climb the path. In my video, you can see the hardest parts.

What you should bring: As always, bring water for around 4 hours, good shoes and maybe also some gloves, as you will use your hands maybe as well on the last meters before the peak. Otherwise, it’s just a normal hike.

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