El Nido with Rainstorms, Dolphins & Glamping

In my last blog post, I wrote about my dream to visit Balabac. I explored the fantastic place in the Philippines, which includes 31 islands with stunning beaches, beautiful sandbars, and diverse marine life. But now, it was time to head to El Nido.

While travelling with friends in Balabac, I was in El Nido as a solo traveller. I took a bus from Puerto Princesa, and about 5 hours later, I arrived in El Nido Town Proper and checked in to my great hotel. I not only encountered heavy rainstorms but also spotted dolphins, turtles, sea snakes, and I even slept in a very luxurious camping tent.

About El Nido

El Nido is a beautiful place in Palawan, Philippines. It’s surrounded by tall limestone cliffs and clear blue waters, making it a tropical paradise for travellers. The town of El Nido has a population of around 41,606 people.

Another of El Nido's awesome lagoons.
Another of El Nido’s fantastic lagoons.

Known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty, this captivating destination offers many reasons to visit. From white sandy beaches and hidden lagoons to colourful coral reefs full of marine life, El Nido is perfect for nature lovers and adventurers.

About Journey to Paradise

The video is part of my new limited series, where I’ll be unveiling a new episode weekly. This epic journey took me from the buzzing city of Manila, through Puerto Princesa, onto the untouched beauty of Balabac, and back via Puerto Princesa to the breathtaking El Nido. Stay tuned for the next and final episode!

Travelling solo, but not alone. With my travel group on the boat.
Travelling solo, but not alone. With my travel group on the boat.

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