Exploring Mount High West on Hong Kong Island

End of 2021, I decided to visit the Filmmaking & Storytelling class with Casey Neistat on Monthly.com. This is one video I did create during this class. I made a short VLOG, together with my son. We went hiking and explored Mount High West, the Peak, and Pinewood Battery together. 

And the so-called ghost house, also known as the Dragon Lodge, impressed him much!

We took the route from the Peak and did choose a shortcut to the top of High West. Back down, we visited the Pinewood Battery and returned to Kennedy Town.

On top of Mount Hight West in Hong Kong
On top of Mount Hight West in Hong Kong

Mount High West, also known as Sai Ko Shan or 西高山 in Cantonese, is 494 metres above sea level. You can choose to hike to the top via:

  1. Hike to High West from Kennedy Town / HKU
  2. Hike to High West from Victoria Peak

Over here at Drone & DSLR you can find an excellent overview with a lot of pictures, which describes how to reach the top.

The following pictures I took at the shortcut. Be careful; it’s steep and not for everyone. If you like to go up the easier way, please choose the stairs. The way to High West via stairs is easy and safe.

My son loved to explore the Pinewood Battery, a historic military site in Hong Kong, located around 307 metres above sea level, within the Lung Fu Shan Country Park. You have many options to explore the whole area, which may keep you busy for one or two hours.

Arrived at the Pinewood Battery
Arrived at the Pinewood Battery

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