Shek Nga Shan & the Buffalo Hills

The hike via Shek Nga Shan to the Buffalo Hills holds many surprises: Climbing some rocks on the way to the top of the Shek Nga Shan or hiking on the beautiful North Ridge with great views. And you will also pass on some famous rocks and locations, like the Hanging Rock or the Window Rock: Places you may know from Instagram.

How to get there

We started our hike at Tai Shui Hang MTR station, walked via Chevalier Garden and the Mui Tsz Lam village up to the top of Shek Nga Shan. After reaching the peak, we followed the North Ridge to the Buffalo Hills – first Buffalo Hill, then West Buffalo Hill.

Shek Nga Shan North Ridge - Hong Kong
Shek Nga Shan North Ridge – Hong Kong

Details about the hike

The muddy paths first lead through the bamboo forest and then up the forested slopes. Then, the trail becomes very steep, so you have to do some simple rock climbing. Bring good shoes, and I recommend you put on gloves in the first part.

Halfway up, you will reach the open & vast hills of Ma On Shan and Luk Chau Shan. Via North Ridge, you will follow the path up to the peak. From there, you can oversee the Buffalo Hills.

There are plenty of ways to exit. We did choose Sai Kung, but we walked via the MacLehose Trail & Sam Fai Tin down to the centre of Sai Kung. You can find more details in the linked video.

The entire route of the hike:

Duration and Difficulty

We hiked 13.3 km, which took us 7 hours 40 minutes. But we took numerous videos and photos so that you may do this hike within 7 hours. The total elevation gain was 1’089 meters.

Hike Difficulty: I would give the hike a difficulty of 5/10. Some parts to the top of Shek Nga Shan are steep. However they are, in my opinion, never dangerous. Be careful; safety first! Mostly you will hike on small paths. The muddy and steep way to Shek Nga Shan may be challenging for some. If you plan to visit the Hanging Rock, please be aware that the trail down to the rock is pretty steep. And climbing inside the rock is tricky, depending on your abilities.

Finally some sun: on the Shek Nga Shan North Ridge
Finally some sun: on the Shek Nga Shan North Ridge