Exploring Bride’s Pool, Mirror Pool & Wang Chung Stream in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is more than just tall buildings and busy streets. It also has beautiful nature spots, like the Wang Chung Stream. This might be the most beautiful stream and waterfall hike in all of Hong Kong.

I went on this adventure with my friends. But, before we got to Wang Chung Stream, we looked for two other places – Bride’s Pool and Mirror Waterfall. Both are famous for their beauty. After enjoying these spots, we started our main hike at Wang Chung Stream.

How to get there?

From Tai Po Market Station, take exit A3 to the light bus terminal. You can take bus no 275R to Wu Kau Tang via Bride’s pool there. Be aware that the buses run just around once an hour, from 6.40 am to 8.15 pm. The bus operates route 275R from Tai Po Market station directly to the pool on Sundays and public holidays only.

The Bride’s Pool Trail lies beyond Tai Mei Tuk and shortly before Wu Kau. Alternatively, take minibus 20C to Tai Mei Tuk (it’s still a long way of over 2 hours to walk from there) or a taxi directly from Tai Po Market to Bride’s Pool, which will cost you around HKD 100.

Visiting Bride’s Pool & Mirror Pool

Exploring the Mirror Fall.
Exploring the Mirror Fall.

Start at the Bride’s Pool barbecue car park and turn left at the first barbecue area. Follow the trail down to the water and then walk up the stream. You can also follow the signs and the Bride’s Pool Nature Trail. After maybe 15 minutes, there is a small way down to the pool. The Bride’s Pool Nature Trail will take you to the top of the waterfall, which has a nice view β€” but it is not a good place to have lunch.

Furthermore, once you cross the stream, a sign tells you the way to the Mirror Waterfall. Turn left to the Bride’s pool or right to reach the Mirror Waterfall.

Visiting Wang Chung Stream

The Bride’s Pool is attractive, but also quickly visited. You don’t need to calculate much more than 1-2 hours. There is not much more to see than the two mentioned pools.

The Wang Chung Stream, however, is much more attractive. It may even be one of the most scenic streams here in Hong Kong. For example, the Dragon Ball Waterfall is about 35 metres high. You can see it in the picture below.

There is also my friend in the picture. Are you able to find her?

Arrived at the Dragonball Fall. Can you spot my friend?
Arrived at the Dragonball Fall. Can you spot my friend?

You can find much better swimming spots here as well. However, as you can imagine, getting to the Dragon Ball Waterfall is much more challenging. There are no stairs, and there is no proper trail. I link this blog post with many details. I can’t document them better than what Nam from laughtraveleat.com did.

As you can see from these pictures, sometimes you must climb rocks or pass through steep areas along the forest. Despite my fear of heights, I could go up there. But I did choose the marked route with the ribbons through the woods. So if you bring food, put it in your backpack and carry proper footwear.

To reach the Wang Chung Stream, you may cross the street at the Bride’s Pool barbecue car park. Walk the road around 250 meters down until you can see the stream on the right side.

Once you are on the top, the stream will connect with Pin Seng Leng Nature Trail, where you can hike to Bride’s Pool or Tai Mei Tuk.

Duration, Difficulty & Distance

You should calculate about 2 hours for Mirror Waterfall and Bride’s Pool. If you go up Wang Chung Stream to the Dragon Ball Waterfall, I would add another 3 hours. Of course, this depends on your breaks β€” and whether you want to swim.

The difficulty of Bride’s- & Mirror Pools I would rate with a 3/10. It’s short and not too challenging. Bring proper footwear, and you will reach the pool easily. Wang Chung Stream I would rate with an 8/10. Climbing is involved; as mentioned, you must pass some tricky areas. It’s pretty steep around the Dragon Ball Waterfall. If you do not feel safe, I propose that you follow the ribbons within the forest. That area is easier for beginners.

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