Violet Hill & the Twin Peaks hike: The 1’200 steps up to the “terrible Twins”

It was mid of November 2020. I had some plans to hike Violet Hill & the Twin Peaks. Some of my friends told me: “The Twin Peaks hike is probably the most challenging hike in Hong Kong. It will test your limits.” Of course, I did not believe it. So I prepared my backpack and drone and headed up to the hill. And yes. Of course, I was wrong.

This hike shows the incredible diversity of Hong Kong. Along the way, you’ll pass reservoirs, vast green mountain landscapes, and you’ll see beaches and the skyscrapers of Kowloon & Hong Kong Island. And in the end, you will arrive in Stanley – a lovely village on Hong Kong Island.

Starting Point & Route to Stanley

You can start the hike from either side. I started at the Wong Nai Chung Reservoir and finished the trail in Stanley. You can take bus numbers 6, 41A, 76, 63, or 66 to Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park to reach your starting point. Once you reach the Sinopec gas station, walk up the stairs to Tai Tam Reservoir Road.

Violet & Twin Peaks

Follow the small path and signs to Violet Hill beside the reservoir. You will start with the first climb to the top of the first hill. There are other ways to the top available. You could also walk via the Tai Tam Country trail. The website Drone & DSLR blogged about this as well. You can search for: “Difficult Option to Violet Hill – via Tai Tam Country Trail“.

Once you do reach Violet Hill, follow the trail to the Repulse Bay Gap. This second part is very easy. Cross the Tze Kong Bridge and follow the signs to Stanley Gap Road to the right. Here the more difficult part of the hike starts.

From here, you have to climb the endless 1’200 steps to the Twins.

Violet & Twin Peaks

Once you reach the Twins, the descent to the Stanley Gap Road is painless and relaxing. At Stanley Gap Road, you have two options: You may head to Stanley and enjoy the beautiful village and the beach. Or you head back towards the city. I walked down to Stanley Main Beach and rested at the village – as you can see in my video.

Violet & Twin Peaks

Duration, Difficulty & Distance

Altogether, the whole hike took me around 3 hours and 15 minutes, including capturing the videos for my YouTube clip – and sitting twice on the stairs up to the Twins.

The hike is 6.95 km long only, but it’s a challenging one for sure. Don’t underestimate those 1’200 stairs after you reach the Repulse Bay Gap. I would classify the trek with a 6/10 — just because of the stairs. It’s a challenging hike. But not steep or dangerous at all.

Violet & Twin Peaks

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