Cape d’Aguilar: Exploring the Marine Reserve, Caves, Whale Bones and a Lighthouse

This was my first hike in 2021. Actually, it was less a hike, more something similar than a “let’s-capture-some-videos” walk. Together with my friend Christoph, we decided to go to Cape d’Aguilar near Shek O – with our drones. It was the wrong decision. Not because Cape d’Aguilar isn’t worth a visit. No, it was a super windy Saturday. That’s why the drones stayed in our bags – and we just played with other gadgets.

This video is the result:

Check also out Christoph’s YouTube channel. 🙂

How to go there / Starting Point

It’s actually pretty easy to go to the Cape D’Aguilar. Here you can find a short description to start your adventure in Hong Kong.

  • First, take the MTR train to the Shau Kei Wan and leave the station at Exit A3.
  • Just nearby the exit, you can find the Citybus number 9.
  • Check if the bus is driving to the Cape D’Aguilar before hopping on. Not all number 9 buses are going to the starting point of your hike. Make sure that the bus you board, states “via Cape D’Aguilar”. If it omits Cape D’Aguilar, don’t get onto it.
  • There are also other options to reach the starting point. For example, you can take a minibus, just opposite of the MTR station. This is a good option if too many people are queuing up for the big CityBus.

A more detailed route for the hike itself, you can find here at Drone & DSLR blog.

Duration, Difficulty & Distance

The trail is easy and not much longer than 9 km and around 2 hours. Please be aware: there is a lot to see at the Cape D’Aguilar. You can visit the Crab- and the Thunder-Cave or the Whale Bones, also known as the Bones of Miss Willy. You easily can stay there another 2-3 hours.

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