Year in Review: 2020 – Friends make life memorable

Since last year, I have this project scheduled for the Christmas Days. With my Year In Review video, I am looking back to the past 365 days. Also, so I did at the end of 2019. Well, 2020 was a really special year. But still, we did enjoy it – as you can see.

One year ago, I was visiting Thailand. After I visited Krabi, I celebrated the last day of the year in Pattaya, and the first year of 2020 in Bangkok. Did you saw my movie already? If not, you can find it here.

At this time, we could not imagine how the world looks like today. The pandemic changed the world a lot. 2020 was definitely not the best year of my life. But there is also a bright side. I had more time for my son and myself. And as I could not go on trips, I started to explore Hong Kong – and documented those days on video. We had a great time exploring Hong Kong.

”Friends make life memorable”

I asked my subscribers, as well. What do they think about the past 12 months? Their answers and my favourite memories of the year 2020 you can find in my newest movie. Thanks a lot to all my friends, who made my year 2020 memorable.